Try flying trapeze in Haute-Savoie, France

Close to Annecy, you can come and experiment a flying trapeze session!

Feel free to come and look or try, on your own or with your family, with your friends or colleagues… You will be suprised by yourself and what you can achieve on a flying trapeze!

An unusual but reachable activity

THE most iconic circus speciality is open to experienced trapezists and also to people who want to discover the activity. It offer fantastic emossion and amazing tricks can be achieved rapidly thanks to our rig with a very safe and soft net, plus securing ropes.

On the platforms, people naturaly help and support each other, they overcome their fears and share their vicoties and emossions together.

More information about a flying trapeze session is available here.

Contact us to organise your session(s).

Overview of a flying trapeze session – Annecy (74), France