Flying trapeze is possible for anyone:

  • above 16 years old,
  • for people who want to descover this sensational but safe & accessible activity.

Flying trapeze offers powerfull emotions but it is very safe thanks to the harness and safety lines.

Steps of a session

A flying trapeze session lasts 2 hours and is organised as follows:

  • Welcoming, safety and technical instructions ;
  • You wear a belt (for the safety ropes) ;
  • Warm-up ;
  • First technical breifing at the static trapeze ;
  • Discovery of the net and learn how to fall safely and softly on your back ;
  • And… let’s go! You can climb to the plateforms and swing and fly with a progressive teaching method and safety lines ;
  • During the first session, you’ll learn the technic of a swing and start passing from a bar to bar, do a back-flip (lay-out) and fall softly in the net. You will also realise that trapezists support and literaly help each-other: to hold the bar to beginners for instance, etc…

You can contact us here to book a session and visit this page for practicle information and prices.

Overview of a trapeze session

And a few pics…